Synthetic Turf Information

Unlike turf found at mini putt courses, All Pro is specifically designed to simulate a real golf green.
The turf is made of a ultra-violet treated polyethylene/polypropylene hybrid fiber which can withstand all weather conditons. That means no mold or mildew damage.

All Pro greens are backed by a 5 year no fade warranty and 10 years on the workmanship of the turf.
Meant to be installed outdoors as a permanent green, All Pro offers two standard lengths of turf. 1" for the green and 1 3/4" for the fringe and lawn turf applications.

All Pro greens have the most dense (56oz.) synthetic turf on the market today. This, along with the infill process, provides a more plush turf with truer ball roll characteristics and the performance of your local country club green.

The infill serves three purposes. First it allows the turf fibers to stand straight up, thus permitting the ball to roll true on the tips of these fibers. Secondly, it controls the speed of the green. The more infill the faster the green. When installed according to standard instructions you will have a green that rolls 10-11 on a USGA stimp meter. Third, the weight of the infill conforms the turf to your sub-base, giving you the desired contour and slope for the golf green.

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'Tour Links' is a patented modular design with ease of installation in mind. The panels slide together and fasteners are inserted to hold them together. Interlocking teeth ensure panel alignment and the 'floating' cup guarantees perfect playability.

This results in a professional quality putting green that stays true no matter the weather conditions.
Because of it's modular design, the Tour Links green allows you to have a mobile putting surface. It can be installed for indoor use and quickly move outdoors for parties or functions.

Tour Links Products
Tour Links Products

Tour Links line of products offer 7', 9', &13' putting aids, as well as 4'x10', 4'x12', 8'x10', 8'x12' & 12'x12' putting greens.

Also available:

  • Synthetic Landscape turf for lawns
    and playing surfaces
  • Synthetic Tee box turf
  • Artificial Driving mats
  • Mini golf
  • Fairway media (advertising)

Synthetic Landscape Turf
Synthetic Landscape Turf
Tee Box Synthetic Turf
Artificial Driving Mats

Synthetic Tee Box Turf

Artificial Driving Mats
Mini Golf
Fairway Media Advertising
Mini Golf
Fairway Media (Advertising)

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